my name is tomtato
screencap redraw- dogtooth
Sunset Farm 
Fear of Escalators
Arches to Nowhere
Blue Rice
The Ice Coffin’s Owner
When I first met him in the dream, it was in a large icy ball room where a coffin lies on the ground in the middle of the room with a cow hanging upside down from the ceiling. He was standing in front of the cow, his back towards me. Just as I came in, he turned around in surprise with a splash of blood on his face. The owner of the icy mansion, wiped his cheek, solemnly took a step towards me, gestured me to come closer. 
Silver Bells 
I met a reindeer-centaur in a ice castle/mansion where he works as a tour guide. During the tour (I was the only one there), I began to doze off, so he took me outside on to a balcony garden to see the night sky. The sky was filled with stars and constellation that seems to move as if i’m sitting beneath a space theater.